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Welcome to Northshore Garage Floor

At North Shore Garage Floor, we specialize in residential and commercial garage floor coating systems, garage cabinets, garage storage and garage organization. For more than fifteen years, we have been focused on providing innovative design, meticulous craftsmanship and high quality, personalized service. Our Garage Flooring Professionals work side-by-side, providing clients the convenience and confidence of a single team with a shared vision. Our Flooring team works for you with a single point of contact – from first draft and design concepts… through final walk through.

Professional Garage Flooring Applications

If you are in the market for a new floor coating for your home garage or industrial/commercial floor, there are a wide variety of flooring products and applications available to you. Unfortunately, these choices can get very confusing. However, the primary question that we get asked all the time is what makes The Northshore Garage Floor applications superior to the many “Do it Yourself” Garage Floor epoxy coating kits that you can find at any hardware or home improvement store?

Free and Friendly Onsite Estimates

From our free and friendly onsite estimates and the delivery of an accurate work estimate, to creating detail oriented Garage Flooring plans and obtaining all the necessary permits, all the way through application, cleanup and a meticulous walk-through to ensure that all your expectations are met, it’s obvious that our Flooring process is built around customer satisfaction. Serving our customers throughout each Floor project is our priority, and we’re sure that you’ll agree. When you’re ready to get started on the perfect Floor project… we’re here to help!

  • Family owned and operated in Northern Illinois
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  • Quality Flooring with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our dedication to great customer service goes beyond using the highest quality products and the most experienced, expert Garage Flooring professionals. We work hard to make sure that you’re absolutely comfortable with each step of our process. To us, customer service is more than just a company policy. It’s an attitude that we work hard to engender in each member of our team.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Northshore Garage Floor guarantees all of our work and we are 100% committed to your satisfaction. We provide an easier, smoother, and more cost-effective Residential and Commercial Flooring experience.