Medici® Polyurea Colour Coating System

If you’re searching for a completely custom finish, look no further than Northshore Garage Floor’s Medici and Pearlessence Polyurea Color Coating System. These highly decorative finishes add a touch of Tuscany to any application. Perfect for your home or business, both systems allow for endless color selection to match existing decor and help give spaces a richness and luxury that you can’t get with other products. But these finishes don’t just look pretty, they’re durable as they come.


Medici Polyurea Decorative Flooring Styles

Both the Medici and Pearlessence use the same Polyurea formulations as our other finishes. This allows for a beautiful finish that will stand up to harsh chemicals, salt, and oil. It is 100% UV stable ensuring that the floor won’t yellow or fade, and it’s extreme flexibility allows for natural concrete movement – no cracks and no peeling. Here are just a few of the styles to choose from:



The Benefits of Polyurea Flooring

Medici and Pearlessence use the same Polyurea formulas as our other finishes, meaning they’re just as tough, resistant, and easy to maintain. There are a host of benefits to using a Medici or Pearlessence finish in your home or business:

  • Affordable – Less expensive than other finishing products, and a fraction of the cost of tile and marble
  • Eco-Friendly – Made with Earth-safe products and designed to last – that’s sustainability
  • Lightning Fast Install – The Northshore Garage Floore One Day Install allows for quick transformation that will put you on your floor in no time. Foot traffic in 4-8 hours, Auto traffic in 24!
  • Versatile – A virtually limitless amount of color combinations to match decor
  • Flexible – This application works just as well outdoors as it does indoors
  • Virtually Indestructible – 20x stronger than epoxy, lasts 20x longer than stain, zero fading, zero yellowing, resistant to oil, gas, chemicals, and salt, and 100% UV stable




What is a Polyurea Floor Coating?

Polyurea is an advanced coating product that has turned the concrete finishing world on its head. It’s 20x stronger than epoxy, completely UV stable, and resistant to just about any harsh chemical or substance you can throw at it. But what makes Polyurea really special is that it adds all that strength while retaining its flexibility – 98% more flexibility than epoxy. This allows for natural concrete movement without cracking or peeling the beautiful finish. It’s one smart compound. You’ve probably seen it, and some may depend on it daily — it’s the same material used to coat truck bed liners and allow them to take a beating everyday.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Northshore Garage Floor guarantees all of our work and we are 100% committed to your satisfaction. We provide an easier, smoother, and more cost-effective Medici Polyurea Flooring experience. If you are serious about finding the best in quality and innovation at a price you can afford, The Northshore Garage Floor is the Medici Polyurea Flooring Company for you. Contact us today to get an estimate for your Medici Polyurea Floor Coating job and ask about all of our products and services at 847.204.9943